About us

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The OMT machine, which aims to be a leader in the sector by combining the dynamism of the years, with the experience and accumulation, is also operating in Konya since 1973. Our company uses continuous innovations using advanced technologies in the world, sought quality products and service to present the benefit of people with sought quality documents.

Vision & Mission

Our Mission:

Capturing a permanent and reputable image in the world by capturing new employment areas with advanced technology and competent human resources to contribute to our country economy in line with the vision of the country to contribute to the change of an organization

Our vision:

Being a firm to be a firm to be a firm to be a firm, which is a firm, which is involved in the use of information and technology and qualified human power, to be a company that is satisfied with their customers, to be a company that is established with an experienced, professional and dynamic staff, to be the company to be sought abroad with new investments..

Our Values

Our values:

Believe in the necessity and accuracy of the quality concept to the community and the environment against the environment of deep respect and understanding to the community and the environment, to believe the importance of objectivity, development and the importance of rationality to combine the social moral values ​​with our corporate identity